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Services – Tomo Analytica
Computational Impact Design
Tomo Analytica provides a transdisciplinary data-driven analytics to define, measure and improve your project’s impact. There has been a surge in technological advances and our understanding of impact and its measurement is changing rapidly. As our frameworks and tools get more sophisticated, we need technology design that seemlessly integrates various frameworks, tools and metrics. Computational Impact Design is our innovation that brings together strategy mapping, data mining, machine learning, research methods and impact assessment. Our platform uniquely synthesizes breakthrough transdisciplinary research methods and cutting-edge data science technology to generate insight into patterns and trends never before possible.


Open Source, Open Mind, Open Heart Workshop
A weekend workshop to explore the world of open source technologies and develop a vision for building sustainable ecosystems. Open source praxis is about the freedom to practice your autonomy, self-governance and individual values in your professional and personal lives. You can choose the technologies and work infrastructure that is aligned with your authentic values. We will assist you in upgrading your systems from proprietary operating systems and software to free and open source. We will also recommend training programs and certifications that are tailored to your needs.