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Products – Tomo Analytica
A web app to measure and analyze the impact of your project. We use transdisciplinary analytics and data science methods to curate data sets, develop research methods and build dashboards with intelligent and interactive graphs. Each project tells a unique story through the data it generates. We work with you to qualify the quantitative data, and quantify the qualitative data to better understand your story. This rigorous and field-tested method gives you a better handle on the true impact of your projects and empowers you to more fully manifest your vision in the world. This product is operational and in beta phase.


Discourse analysis can identify how your team’s motivation, collaboration and cognition is changing over time.


Developmental profiles can illuminate how individuals are likely to perform and better understand their needs.
Impact oriented business intelligence reports will redefine your strategies and resource management.
Leading edge technology will give you unique capacity and enhance your strategy.

Chattermatter 1.0

ChatterMatter is a bot that captures team discussion from Slack and Asana, and others to analyze it for context, sentiment, pattern recognition and psychometric assessments. We use this data to measure impact within an organization. This product is operational and in beta phase.



Tobuntu 18.04
New Ubuntu distribution designed for social impact and social finance community. We believe that our choices of technology should reflect the values we want to manifest in the world. Tobuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver offers a lightweight, simple and elegant desktop environment focused on data collection and impact analysis. This product is currently in development phase.



DuckDuckGo Translation Package
Preservation of language is the cornerstone of cultural resilience. Instead of resisting the technological advances that are disrupting the traditional ways of life, we can harness it to develop and strengthen our cultural roots. Indigenous language package for DuckDuckGo is our first project in this direction. This product is currently in R&D phase.




Ubuntu Indigenous Language Package
Imagine being able to interface with your computer in your own native language. The power of open source technology allows you to take control of your own cultural narrative and do not without having to compromise your heritage and identity. We are developing a Dena’ina Athabascan language package for Linux systems. This package can be rolled out for other indigenous languages as well. This product is currently in R&D phase.